BLACKBIRD GAMING” MP93 _ Optical Gaming Mouse


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BLACKBIRD GAMING” MP93 _ Optical Gaming Mouse


High precision positioning, pure copper braided Wire for less transfer resistant

Ergonomic hybrid shape give you comfortable experience.

Designed With cool breath rainbow lamp.

Hollow out design, good heat disssipation and long service life.

Suitable for Laptop user and PC user.

Non slip gel on bottom for more stable.

Advanced technology make it works on most surfaces.

Intelligent connectivity, no need texode, plug & play.

High-end mechanical macro definition gaming mouse.

Human body engineering design.

Cool LED variable light effect.

6 programmable keys.

4-1evel adiustable DPI(1200/16C0/24G0/3200DPi), max. 3200 DPI.

3.2 pure copper Wire core, wire wrapped weaving process, anti-pull Off.

Side mechanical wheel design, feel more sensitive, especially suitable

for intense game environment.

Material: Metal + ABS

Working Wav: Photoelectricity

Connection Way: USB 2.0, Wired, Plug and Flay, Drive-free

DPI: 3200

Number Of Keys: 6 Editable Keys

Cable Length: 150011/59.06″ (Approx.)

Size: 13cm x 4. lcm/5.12″ 1.61″ (Approx.)


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